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(908) 704-8200
(908) 704-8200



Image, LLC is a New Jersey construction company that always puts clients’ needs first. The way we work is unique – our project managers coordinate tasks while making sure that the customer is never left in the dark. Clients are provided with a schedule so that they can track and stay involved in a job’s progress. Our services can start with design and take you all the way through the cleanup phase. We pride ourselves on being able to finish every project punctually and to our client’s delight.
At Image, LLC, we specialize in perfection. It’s no wonder we’ve developed such a strong reputation throughout the Central Jersey area for providing quality work in both the commercial and residential sectors. We make it a priority to give you an end result that will exceed your expectations.
We work hard to stand out from other contractors in the area by putting our clients’ needs first, always! Our jobs finish on time and we are always available to discuss the project with our clients at any stage of construction. We can help you with any job, big or small, whether you’re a private resident or a Fortune 500 company.
We’ve been in business since 1995, successfully completing one project after the next. Image, LLC is highly recommended and regarded within the commercial and residential construction industry.  If you’re looking for a reputable commercial or residential contractor in New Jersey, give us a call at (908) 704-8200.